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Sara A. Gasser


Areas of practice include Estate Planning & Elder Care, Criminal Law, Probate

Licensed in Ohio and Pennsylvania 




Estate Planning


There are four basic documents that no matter what your age and health everyone should have in place.  They are your Last Will and Testament, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Living Will.  These documents will save you and your family stress, heart ache, and money.  Call my office to learn more.

Elder Care

As we age and medicine progresses more and more people are living longer and needing long term care.  A common misconception is that Medicare and your supplemental insurance will pay for nursing home, assisted living, and in home health care.  The reality is that people in these long term care situations are either self-pay or on Medicaid.  However, there are ways to receive Medicaid without spending all your money for your care.  

In addition to Medicaid, many residents in our area are entitled to VA aid and attendance benefits.  If you or your spouse served in the military during war time and you have long term care expenses you may be entitled to these additional benefits.  

Call my office and we could discuss your options.  It is crucial to plan ahead.


When a family member or close friend passes away it is a very taxing time. At the end of life there are
often several last illness and funeral expenses. However, the decedent’s accounts become frozen if they
are in the individual’s name alone and no beneficiary is named.
Let my firm assist you in the necessary process of Probate. I will guide you through the court process
and ensure that it is not only done properly but in a timely manner.

Criminal Law


If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing criminal charges whether a misdemeanor or a felony you should always seek representation.  Criminal charges can have a wide range of effects on your life including your driver’s license, employment, and housing.  I have been working with Jefferson County since 2011 representing indigent clients as well as representing clients that have hired me to represent them that range from low level misdemeanors, OVIs, and felony cases.   Call my office to help represent you at your next court date.  


Do you have a disabled child who is about to turn 18?  Even though you are the parent, once the child turns 18 you are no longer allowed to make medical decisions for your child.  A guardianship is necessary.  If your child is about to turn18 or does not have a guardian contact me and I can assist you in the process.  

How about a family member who is suffering from dementia?  If that family member did not execute a Power of Attorney for health and finances there will be allowed to make medical decisions or take care of their finances.  I can help you through this difficult process to have a guardian appointed.  


Have a bad tenant?  In order to protect yourself from liability make sure you take the proper steps to evict them.  You also want to make sure the process is done in a timely manner.  I can assist you in all steps from the Notice, to the Complaint, and court proceeding.   



I have a strong belief that the key to a successful business is to have your clients trust you. You earn
trust by several ways: knowledge of the subject area, truthfulness, and friendliness. My office strives to
earn your trust at all times.

Seeing a lawyer is not something that people look forward to doing. Even less people want to take time
off of work to do that. That is why I have a set night that I am available after work hours. I do have
evening office hours every Monday. I have flexible working hours the rest of the week also. Your
estate planning and long term care needs is similar to your investments and health. You should not wait
until the emergency to handle your legal affairs.

About Me

About Me

My name is Sara A. Gasser.  I am a native of the Ohio Valley being born and raised in Wintersville, Ohio.  I am a 2003 graduate from Indian Creek High School and a 2007 graduate from Wheeling Jesuit University.  I then attended the University of Akron and received my juris doctorate in 2010.  After receiving my law degree I opened my own practice here in Steubenville, Ohio and have been practicing since 2010.    

I am licensed in Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Sara A. Gasser


2021 Sunset Blvd. Steubenville, OH 43952


Tel:  740.284.1612

Cell: 740.424.6160

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